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If you are considering a smile makeover, then you need to be prepared before choosing a cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale Arizona. Cosmetic dentistry is not separate from “regular” dentistry, so when a dentist refers to themselves as the Cosmetic Dentist, then you need to know why he/she is referring to themselves as sucht. There is a lot of cosmetic dentistry professionals in Scottsdale, but you need to choose the right one by researching a bit so that you can select the best one for specific needs.

Here are a few things that you need to do when conducting your search for the best Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentist:

Ask for referrals: Talk to those who have had a cosmetic dentistry procedure recently if you can. When referrals come from people you know personally, like friends and family, then it is possible to choose the best one. You can also request a referral from your current dentist. Your dentist will know about the best cosmetic dentists in you area, so he/she will be able to lead you in a good direction right off the bat, which help to reduce your search time.

Check their credentials: When any dentist calls themselves a “cosmetic dentist”, ask them what’s so special about them that they refer to themselves as such. The ACD provides gold standard for the credentialing of dental professionals in the cosmetic dentistry sector, so it’s important to make sure they have been verified with them.

Ask about their training and education: There are very few cosmetic dentists in Scottsdale who have proper training in specialized cosmetic dentistry techniques. So, this is very important to ask them where they received theirScottsdale_Cosmetic_Dentistry_Before_and_After_Photo education and training from. Most of the dental schools offer very little general education in cosmetic dentistry and hence, it is important to know where the dentist has pursued his/her graduate training.

Ask them to show before and after photos: In the same way an artist exhibits their masterpieces, a reputable cosmetic dentist should also showcase their before and after photos of their past clients and show several procedure they have conducted. There are many dentists who post their before and after photos online so that the clients can see them. But, you need to be aware of retouched photos. Therefore, do not trust the photos blindly because some of these can be computer manipulated. What can you do then? You can ask the dentist to provide you with the referrals of previous patients he/she has worked with, or better yet, look at their online reviews! You can ask about the service and expertise of the cosmetic dentist in details from the referred patients.

Take your time: It is very important to be comfortable with your chosen cosmetic dentist. If you think it is not worth the money or time you are spending, then just go for another one.

We have the best Cosmetic Dentistry Scottsdale has to offer! We are experienced in providing cosmetic services to our clients and have years of experience. Our review will show how pleased our clients have been with their results, as can be seen from our reviews. If you are looking for an expert, then we would like to invite you to our office to consult your problems with us. We are here to help, and make sure you have the safest, and best experience possible. For more information, you can call or email us at:

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

If your teeth are misshapen, broken, misaligned, chipped, worn, discolored, stained or have gaps between them, then you can seek out modern cosmetic dentistry in Scottsdale to give you a broader and better smile. What Scottsdale cosmetic dentists actually do? They help you to get a better smile, or in another word, they do a smile makeover! The smile makeover improves your smile with the help of one or two cosmetic procedures.


A cosmetic dentist, will work with you to develop a treatment plan. Below we have listed the common procedures conducted by Cosmetic dentists in Scottsdale.  The prices enlisted here are “average” costs, but it may change depending on the condition of the patient, the level of treatment needed, and the final procedures required.

Common Types of Cosmetic Dentistry Procedure Performed in Scottsdale Az

1. Teeth Whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the least expensive and simplest ways to improve your smile. You can either bleach your teeth with the products available at the dentist’s office, or you can buy the gels and mold to whiten Cosmetic_Teeth_Whitening_Results_in_Scottsdaleyour teeth at home. There are many whitening products available at retail stores for in-home teeth whitening, but they will not provide the type of results you can get a professional dentists office. Whitening products include whitening strips, rinses, and whitening toothpaste. These products will cost you around $3 to $50 dollars.

However, we always suggest seeing a cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale to get a comprehensive whitening procedure done. This is because the cosmetic dentist knows what is best for your teeth, and they will do it with proper care and expertise.

2. Dental bonding: In this procedure, a putty resin like tooth-colored plastic is applied on the tooth surface and later hardened with laser light or UV. This light helps the material to get attached to the tooth. Then the dentist shapes, trims, and polishes it. Dental bonding can repair misshapen, cracked, chipped, or decayed teeth. It is an excellent alternative to silver fillings or amalgam. The cost will run you around $100 to $400 dollars per tooth.

3. Dental crown: A dental crown is placed on the decayed or damaged tooth above the gum line, and it restores the size, shape, and strength of the tooth. The dental crowns will cost you around $500 to $900 dollars each.

4. Dental implants: This cosmetic dentistry procedure is a popular one because these implants are titanium replacements that are inserted into the bone socket of the missing tooth. With the healing of the jawbone, it starts to grow around the implanted metal post and anchor it securely in the jaw. This provides support to the replacement tooth. The procedure will cost you $1250 dollars to $3000 dollars.

5. Dental veneers: These are custom made thin shells of the tooth that covers the frontal surface of the teeth. About half a millimeter of enamel is removed from the surface of the teeth, and then these dental veneers are cemented to Porcelain_Veneers_made_by_a_Scottsdale_Cosmetic_Dentistthe front of the teeth. This procedure is also known as “Hollywood Teeth”. Living up to the name, this cosmetic  dentistry procedure may cost you around $500 to $1300 per tooth.

These are the standard procedures done by expert Cosmetic Dentist in Scottsdale. We have been providing these services to our patients for a long time. For additional information or to set up an appointment toady, you can email or call us.


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